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If you or a loved one has been injured and you are looking for an advocate to help you with your personal injury claim, Johnson, Poulson & Coons is prepared to work for you.

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To make a claim for your injuries against someone, you need evidence, evidence that you were hurt and evidence that the actions of that other person were wrong and caused your injuries. 

In the case of a car accident, showing that someone wrongfully caused your injuries can be as simple as showing that they did not drive safely.

In other cases, showing that you are entitled to recover for your injuries may be more complicated.  Do you think a product you were using caused your injuries?  You will need evidence to prove that the manufacturer of that product should have done something to prevent you from getting hurt.   Were you injured on someone’s property?  You will need evidence to show that the owner of the property had a duty to make their property safe or warn you of the dangerous condition.  

At Johnson, Poulson & Coons, our goal is to uncover the strongest evidence to prove your case or claim. 

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In addition to the evidence that someone is at fault for your injuries, you will need

evidence that you were injured, either physically, emotionally or financially. 

In some cases, that evidence could be an x-ray showing a broken bone,

pictures showing bruises, swelling, cuts or bleeding or. your medical records.  

Unfortunately, in many cases, the symptoms of internal injuries are not readily visible. 

Injuries can go unnoticed and undocumented for days after the accident. 

The rush of adrenaline that often accompanies an accident can

cloud a person’s ability to feel or recognize pain. 

All too often, people delay seeking evaluation or treatment because they do not have

health insurance or, because they fail to recognize the seriousness of their injuries. 

They may try to treat themselves through home remedies,

hoping that their symptoms will resolve.  

Insurance companies and defense attorneys will not think twice about

using such delays against you, to try and show you were not injured.  

At Johnson, Poulson & Coons, we have staff members experienced

in collecting the evidence you need to prove your claim.   We have staff
members dedicated to obtaining, organizing and tracking your medical
records and bills to make sure that, once your claim is completed, your
medical treatment gets paid for.



Trying to get the repairs to your car that you need can be very time consuming, confusing and frustrating.  This is especially true when you trying to recover from injuries you suffered in an accident. 

At Johnson, Poulson & Coons, we have experienced staff members dedicated to handling property damage issues for you.  Let our dedicated and experienced staff take this headache off of your hands. 

We will work with the insurance companies to get your vehicle repaired as soon as possible, or,

if your vehicle cannot be repaired, we will fight to get top dollar for the replacement of your vehicle. 

We will also fight to get you  reimbursed top dollar for your other damages,

including rental car costs, loss of use of your vehicle and content damage. 



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